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"Holding tightly onto a chain embedded in the side of a mountain while negotiating a steep, narrow trail above a pristine lake had not entered my imagination when my husband and I signed up for a hiking trip to Durrand Glacier Chalet. I had also not anticipated the amazing food we enjoyed daily at this remote lodge high in the Selkirk Mountains. As I discovered, these were only two of the surprising experiences on this memorable trip.ā€œ

High Energy and High Living in the High Country » By Janet McMaster, Inspired Senior Living, Published: April 2018

"In den Selkirk-Bergen Kanadas bietet ein Schweizer Veranstalter strapaziöse Wandertouren an. Die Gäste genießen das – und haben ein bisschen Angst davor. Das Durrand Glacier Chalet ist das Herzstück von Ruedi Beglingers Reich. Der Schweizer Bergführer hat sein Areal in den Selkirk-Bergen einst von der Regierung British Columbias gepachtet und inzwischen in eine touristische Attraktion verwandelt. Sein Leitsatz ist Programm: Nur an seinen Grenzen lernt man sich selbst kennen.ā€œ

Nur keine Ruhe » (PDF) By Bernadette Calonego, Süddeutschen Zeitung, Published: 25 June, 2015

"Each day Ruedi built upon my desire to hike longer, scramble higher (Iā€™m not a rock climber, but I love to scramble over boulders), see farther, be challenged, experience something new. Each day we crested a new mountaintop, experienced amazing views, touched pools of icy blue water in the belly of a glacier, started mini-avalanches as we precariously walked across a snow bridge. And one of the most fun-filled things for me was learning how to bum slide."

In the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, fatigue of body meets peace of mind » By Anne Farrar, The Washington Post, Published: May 1, 2014

"There are no roads to the Durrand Glacier Chalet. It sits at almost 2,000 metres, high in the Selkirks east of Revelstoke. Once the helicopter has dropped you off and retreats out of earshot, you are on your own with 19 other guests, a handful of guides and housekeepers, a chef and some 20 resident mountain goats."

Lodges of Luxury » (PDF) Expressions magazine - 2014

"I was astonished right from the start. As the helicopter dipped over a flank of Selkirk Peaks, I stared in disbelief at half a dozen tiny specks on a ridge, surrounded by mountains, glaciers and deep-cut valleys - specks that quickly grew into recognizable buildings. When Nicoline greeted us with an offer to show us to our room, I was surprised over again. Our own room? What a treat! Most other backcountry operations I'd stayed at provided a sleeping loft, shared with a dozen or more guests."

Break Away: Hiking high in the Selkirks B.C. » (complete article) By Marion Harrison, Explore magazine - January/ February 1999