Hut to hut skiing

The world's best hut to hut skiing

The high alpine of the Durrand Glacier - Mt.Moloch area strongly resembles the famous terrain of the west Alps. The only differences being … the solitude, the snow-pack (5 meters to 7 meters at the Durrand Glacier area) and the superior snow quality covering the endless untouched slopes.

All programs start at the Durrand Glacier Chalet where we ski for the first one or two days. Then one ski group skis to the high alpine Mt.Moloch Chalet or the Empire Lake Chalet. Contingent on the weather we stay there for one or two nights.

Light packs, great ski peaks, long ski runs down the most amazing glaciers and in the afternoon arriving at the scenic Mt. Moloch Chalet or the charming Empire Lake Chalet for the traditional High Alpine Nachos and après ski snacks. And yes, it is true, your guide will actually bake fresh bread and for deserts a tasty orange cake.

Hut to hut skiing at the Durand Glacier Area is suitable for all SME ski guests. Depending on the ability level of the ski guests, we can choose a hut to hut tour to the Empire Lake Chalet or to the Mt. Moloch Chalet. It is also possible to include both satellite chalets in our ski week … hut to hut to hut skiing.

Skiing to the Mt. Moloch Chalet

From the Durand Glacier Chalet we have several options to ski to the Mt. Moloch Chalet. Of-course the most impressive route is climbing Mt. Ruth and skiing the steep Ruth Glacier. The most perfect fall-line skiing in between glacial seracs, granite walls and high alpine peaks. For those who are keen to ski more we can easily add additional ski-runs to this fantastic day. The Innominata Ridge, Angel’s Crest, Amphitheatre or the wild broken Concordia Icefall. Subject to the conditions, we can also ski via Mt. Fang and Juliana Glacier to the Mt. Moloch Chalet.

Skiing to the Empire Lake Chalet

For the tour to the Empire Lake Chalet we have numerous choices ranging from a simple direct route to a longer more involved tour. Combining different alpine peaks and long ski runs, experiencing the famous Durand Glacier powder and having endless fun while skiing the best terrain ever. Depending on the conditions we might ski Eagle Peak or Philharmonic Peak, but it can also be Forbidden Peak or Mt. Durand. The list of options is infinite.

Skiing at the Mt. Moloch Chalet

During the stay at the Mt. Moloch Chalet we get to ski-tour some of Canada’s top ski-tours and best alpine ski runs. Graham Glacier, Zwilling’s Glacier, Super Couloir, Kaleidoscope, Sentinel Face … just to mention a few of the grand ski-runs at Moloch.

Skiing at the Empire Lake Chalet

Out of the Empire Lake Chalet there is also a wide variety of incredible ski-tours and ski-runs. Philharmonic Glacier, Forbidden Glacier, East Ridge Couloir, Mt. Durand with its impressive North Face, the wild "free-ride" couloirs at the Empire Cliff and so on.

Skiing back to the Durand Glacier Chalet

Then, after one or two days touring at the Mt. Moloch Chalet or the Empire Lake Chalet, we ski different peaks and ski runs back to the Durrand Glacier Chalet. Stronger groups might combine several peaks and ski runs, while others keep the day at a more relaxed level. Most importantly everybody will ski great peaks and some of the grand ski runs in the area.

Back at the Durand Glacier Chalet

We finish the week with interesting tours out of the Durand Glacier Chalet. This might include skiing some of the fun tree-runs or exploring more peaks and glaciers in the alpine. Most of all, at Durand Glacier we don’t repeat ski runs. Every day we try to take our guests into new terrain that maximizes their skiing and touring experience.

The Canadian Haute Route

Our newest ski program!

When spring has come to our part of the mountain world and the days are getting longer we will be offering the grand tour of our three huts. Of-course, if the weather is all on our side, then we will also accommodate the "Canadian Haute Route" in January or February. This is a fantastic program allowing us to explore and enjoy all of our amazing ski terrain in one week. We begin and end the week at the Durrand Glacier Chalet. During the week we will spend one or two nights at both the Mount Moloch Chalet and the new Empire Lake Chalet. This combination is truly the pinnacle of high alpine ski mountaineering: the comfort of cozy, intimate and beautiful huts in the remote wilderness of the Selkirk Mountains. Nothing is missing – it is the epitome of adventure in the mountains.

Skiing at The Durrand Glacier Chalet