Durrand Glacier – moderate hiking

Princess Trail – Woolsey Peak trail

Princess Trail – Woolsey Peak trail

  • Level of hiking: Moderate
  • Lowest elevation: 1910 m, Durrand Bowl
  • Top elevation: 2476 m, Woolsey Peak
  • Total elevation gain: 715 m
  • Total distance: 7.5 km


From the Durrand Glacier Chalet walk in the direction south, past the private hut. There take the trail leading west, and follow the trail diagonally down a long side-slope which is at first forested. Follow this trail to the Durrand Creek Bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the main trail leading to your right (west). After a few hundred meters you come to a branch-off (shortly before a small creek crossing), take the trail leading to your left (south), Granteloupe Trail.

Eventually you will come to a small lake (Howard Lake), located directly below Moon Hill. Keep walking straight ahead to the Moon Hill Pass. Now walk in easterly direction to the Woolsey Pass where you will find a marked and cut trail as well as a small rock cairn. Follow the trail leading slightly down-hill into the southern slopes of Morning Glory and in a westerly direction for about 1 km, to the first branch-off.

There walk to the right and up-hill (Princess Trail) to the base of the Woolsey Peak East Ridge. Scramble up this ridge to the summit of Woolsey Peak. Descend the same ridge back down to the base of the East Ridge. Now follow the Princess Trail towards north-west, to the Moon Hill Pass. Further walk along the marked trail downhill, along the left (west) side of the upper Durrand Bowl back to the Durrand Glacier Chalet.

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