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The Moloch Chalet

Elevation 2205 m. / 7234 ft, built in 1988

The Mt. Moloch Chalet is one of the two deluxe high alpine "satellite" chalets which we use for the two chalet hut to hut skiing programs or the three chalet hut skiing program: The "Canadian Haute Route".

This "little house on the glacier" is located northeast of the Durrand Glacier Chalet, a full day of most impressive ski-touring and powder-snow skiing, in the high alpine of the Mt. Moloch area. The location of the Mt. Moloch Chalet is truly the most fantastic location for a high alpine chalet: on top of an exposed rock outcropping in the centre of a wild amphitheatre formed by of huge glaciers, ice falls, high granite faces and knife edge granite ridges that reach high into the infinite sky.

Access: Ski-tour, from the Durrand Glacier via Mt. Ruth - Ruth Glacier, Diamond Peak - Concordia Ice Fall, Mt.Fang - Juliana Glacier or Forbidden Glacier - Empress Knoll.

Skiing from the Mt. Moloch Chalet:
  • Alpine terrain, large glaciers, steep couloirs, and picturesque ski peaks
  • 12 alpine peaks
  • 8 glaciers
  • Highest ski peak: Mt.Graham, elev. 2967 meter. On rare occasions we ski Mt. Baal, elev. 3009 meter.
  • Lowest point to ski: Tangiers Creek, elev. 1250 meter
  • Longest ski-run: Mt.Graham - Graham Glacier - Tangiers Creek, 1720 v. meter

  • The Moloch Chalet
  • The Moloch Chalet
  • The Moloch Chalet
  • The Moloch Chalet