Steep Ski Weeks

More vertical. More challenge. More excitement.

For those who like adrenaline with their powder.

Good skiers always want more. More vertical, more challenges, more excitement. Many of our long-time clients fall into this category. So we've created our Steep Ski Weeks to give tem what they are looking for.

Some people call it "free-riding" and others prefer the name "steep skiing". At the end of the day it is all about skiing challenging terrain in an impressive alpine setting, as we experience high quality lines in between cliffs and glacial seracs.

Based out of our Durrand Glacier, Moloch Chalet and the Empire Lake Chalet, Ruedi leads small groups of excellent skiers down many of the steepest lines in the area. It's a chance for guests to push themselves far beyond what they could do in a regular guided program. It's also a chance to learn advanced for skiing steep terrain. A maximum of four guests per group will explore steep runs in the high alpine and trees. The difficulty of the lines will increase as the week progresses.

We don't set specific dates for this program; we build it around the availability of the guests who want to experience it.

If you're ready to summon up some courage and push your boundaries, it's time to find out just how steep you like it.

Steep Skiing in January

January is historically a good month to ski steep lines, in particular southerly aspects. There are plenty of impressive lines with very steep "free-ride" drops in the trees and more exposed couloirs in the alpine. Depending on the conditions, January definitely can keep us busy with skiing challenging terrain.

Steep Skiing in April

The entire month of April is an amazing month to ski powder snow, large alpine terrain and also experience steep lines with exposure. Yes, at Durand Glacier we ski great powder all of April. The Durrand - Mt.Moloch area has a lot of large terrain facing in northerly direction, keeping the powder-snow fresh and light. Also we still receive enough snow-storms with cooler temperatures to cover old tracks and to make sure that there is enough powder. During good weather periods the daytime temperatures are warm and enjoyable, while the nights are cool and temperatures fall to around -10 degree. Cel. This makes sure that all powder snow keeps drying out over night and skiing the following day will be again superb.

Skiing with Selkirk Mountain Experience

Skiing at The Durrand Glacier Chalet