SME snow report
25 March, 2017

...we had way too much fun skiing great lines in super deep and light powder


Hello Everybody,

Last week was once again simply top. Although the weather was mixed; sun, blue sky, high clouds, snow-fall, good visibility …. and yes at times not so good. The avalanche hazard from the previous week improved and we have been able to enjoy the endless white alpine carpets in perfect powder snow. Skied with all three groups to the Empire Lake Chalet and one group made it to the best place in Canada …. the charming Mt. Moloch Chalet.

Some of the great ski lines we skied: Boogie Basin via Missing Jack to Jack Canyon (1250 vertical meter), Moon Hill and down Holy Grail to Carnes Creek …. this is where our super guide Madeleine together with ski guest Adam went for a rather cold swim in one of the Carnes Creek pools. Other ski routes have been Downie Soft, Tumbledown to Carnes Creek, Centrale Glacier South, Allalin Glacier, Durrand Glacier, Forbidden Glacier, Magic Flute, Juliana Glacier, Sentinel Face, Zwilling’s Glacier, Empress Shoulder into Fang Creek and so on.

The snowpack is perfect, no persistent weak layers in the snowpack, the temperatures remain cold and snow keeps coming more or less every day. How much better can it be … so far one of the best winters ever. April skiing will be good, I am definitely optimistic. Looking forward to ski great lines with enthusiastic ski guests from around the world. Yes, I do enjoy skiing this truly amazing alpine place with all these inspired skiers.

Enjoy the powder covered mountains

Ruedi Beglinger

Ruedi Beglinger
IFMGA Mountain Guide / SME

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Durrand Glacier Snowpack  
Durrand Glacier
elevation 1946 m (tree-line)
390 to 420 cm snowpack.
Deep, super light powder, fast skiing.
Empire Lake Chalet
elevation 2118 m (lower alpine)
500 to 530 cm
Deep, super light powder, fast skiing.
Mt. Moloch Chalet
elevation 2205 m (lower alpine)
580 to 620 cm (600 cm on the HS stick)
Deep, super light powder, fast skiing.
above elevation 2500 m
550 cm to 750 cm (depending on exposure)
Deep super light powder, fast skiing.

Present Avalanche Hazard, March 25, 2017:

Below Tree-line: LOW (1) in northerly aspects, Moderate (2) in southerly aspects
Tree-line: LOW (1) in all aspects
Alpine: MODERATE (2) in all aspects

Avalanche Concerns:

Daily test profiles, snowpack stability tests in various elevations and aspects of the entire tenure and full snow profiles at the Durrand Glacier Chalet snow study site keep showing a very strong mid and lower snowpack. In the alpine the upper snowpack shows some storm interfaces that react to moderate and hard test results. In isolated areas along exposed ridges and mountain tops localized wind slabs can be expected. However, once in the actual ski slopes no signs of wind effects have been observed during the past days. With the mixed weather forecast for the upcoming week that promises several smaller low pressure systems moving into the Durrand Glacier area, we do expect snowfall and some wind in the higher alpine that might produce localized wind slabs along exposed ridges and mountain tops and might transport wind-snow into lee sloping terrain features, forming soft slab conditions.

  • March 25, 2017 - Skiing at the Durrand Glacier Chalet
  • March 25, 2017 - Skiing at the Durrand Glacier Chalet
  • March 25, 2017 - Skiing at the Durrand Glacier Chalet
  • March 25, 2017 - Skiing at the Durrand Glacier Chalet

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